Online store of mobile accessories and spare parts with a solid set of features.


Develop an online store with a high level of internal SEO optimization, which will allow to attract relevant visitors with minimal investment in advertising.

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Flexible, scalable structure has been developed for an online store that allows to reach a large number of the most diverse needs of the target audience.

For serious competition for top rankings in the search results, we were introduced a number of solutions for the improvement of behavioral factors and improving conversion:

- the adaptive design has been developed for the convenience of users of mobile devices:

- for users with different needs on the website there are a number of blocks that can be clearly seen at once

- search with smart tips for the buyer that help precisely formulate request:

- for those who know exactly what seeks and appreciates the time, it is proposed to use the quick search form:

- the trading module involves the buyer in the purchase process and allows him to interactively negotiate with the shop:

Graphic design is made in positive colors and well perceived by young people who are the target audience.

Everyone loves discounts! Especially in an inexpensive price segment. So the website offers different ways of how to get the goods cheaper:

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