development of websites that convince to buy your products

Modern web solutions with a high level
conversions and a powerful internal SEO optimization

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  • Business Thinking

    First, we think of how we'll sell. Then we think of how it will look and work.

    With a good understanding of the client's business, its market niche and target audience, we can provide a significant competitive advantage to any business project.

    Therefore, we pay special attention to market research and the preparation of marketing strategy before start development of the site.

  • More than just a website development

    We can help understand the characteristics of the online marketplace and its trends, to develop an optimal development plan of the project according to the marketing strategy and project resources.

  • High efficiency

    We do not propose formulaic solutions. Our projects are individually developed and emanate from the client needs. This allows us to create the most effective products.

  • One step ahead

    The use of the latest web development technologies, modern trends in design, effective methods of advertising allows our customers to be one step ahead competitors.

We share the opinion that
the neglect of quality today
leads to the loss of customers tomorrow.

The success of a commercial site
is the result of
several stages of of improvements

Our website development approach


How do you see your future site?
We are affirming the goals and objectives,
a common procedure for the upcoming work.


Getting to know your industry and your product. Market research. Definition and a detailed research the target audience. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your proposal.


Preparing a marketing strategy and definition stages of
the project development in view of the current competition in the market, market dynamics and your existing resources.


UI/UX design. The development according to project objectives. Adjustment as a result of analytic work.


Preparation of texts. Graphic design. Technical development. Filling content. Testing.


Preparation, implementation and optimization of advertising campaigns. SEO promotion.


Analysis of user behavior and SEO metrics. Definition of website problems and making recommendations on how to address them.


on average, a web site development lasts 3 months
and employs 8 professionals

the results of each stage are demonstrated and discussed with the client

  • Research

    • Definition of the objectives and goals of the project
    • Analysis of your business model
    • Definition and research the target audience of your business
    • Audit of your website
    • Analysis of your competitors' websites
    • Development of a list of marketing recommendations for the future website
  • Designing

    • Definition of necessary technical requirements
    • Designing of the sales funnel
    • Designing of the schemes for attracting more visitors to your website
    • Creating a site structure
    • Designing of interface taking into account a lot of devices are available for user
    • Preparation of technical tasks for the project team
  • Design

    • Modern graphics and interactive solutions
    • Emotional impact on your target audience
    • Create interactive scenarios and animation effects
    • Application of methods for increase conversion rates
    • The use of methods for improving the usability of website
  • Development

    • Using modern web development tools and technology
    • Individually developed solutions for your requirements
    • Optimization of work processes for website operators
    • Solutions for maximal inner Search Engine Optimization
    • High-quality optimization of website speed and performance
    • Several levels of protection site
    • High-quality standards for code
  • Content

    • Developing a content strategy
    • Text and graphic materials. Preparation, processing, placing on the website
    • Creating emotional promotional and marketing texts
    • Preparation of SEO texts and articles
  • Support

    • All types of work with content
    • Audit of the effectiveness of SEO promotion
    • The behavior analysis of visitors on your website
    • Monitoring of site performance and eliminating technical problems

What our clientreceives

  • consultation about specific aspects of e-commerce
  • the guarantee of the protection of confidential data
  • a site with a high conversion rate and high-level SEO
  • a reasonable price