Modern Javascript Development

We are looking for interesting tasks with full use of
HTML5 and Javascript capabilities.

  • Development of interactive web applications with fast, dynamic interfaces
  • Creating javascript plugins and browser-based applications.
Professional HTML Code
  • well structured
  • containing comments
  • easily scalable
  • object-oriented programming (oop)
  • conforms to the JSLint rules
The use of
architectural patterns
  • Module Pattern (object literals, revealing module, singleton)
  • Constructor Pattern
  • Prototype Pattern
  • Observer Pattern
  • Subscribe Pattern
Work experience with HTML5 api
and database noSQL
  • Audio, Video, Web audio, Fullscreen
  • History, Web notification, Canvas, Files
  • Storage (local storage, session storage, IndexedDB)
  • JSON, Base64, Fetch, Promise, Mutation Observer, Page visibility, Runtime script error reporting
  • URL Api, matchMedia
  • MongoDBS
Work experience with
Javascript libraries
and frameworks
  • jQuery, Kinetic.js, Require.js
  • Greensock, Raphael, ThreeJs
  • AngularJs, Mustache, CommonJS/AMD
Work experience with
Third Party APIs
  • Google Analytics, Maps, Places, Geocoding
  • Youtube, Facebook, VK
  • Yandex Webmaster, Maps
  • GitLab
development environment
  • Jade, NodeJs, npm, bower, Gulp, Git


  • drawing up a detailed technical task for the project and definition of development stages
  • strict control of compliance of deadlines
  • demonstration of the results at each stage of development


  • we propose making free fixes for 30 days after the deadline date of completion of the development
  • 30 days free advice on code
  • managers are always in touch (phone, email, Skype)
  • we offer the possibility of long-term support of the project