HTML5 game development

Cross-Platform HTML5 Game Development ,
interactive presentations and competitions.

Fascinating interactivity is a powerful marketing tool
for large-scale PR companies.

HTML5 interactivity
for different tasks

HTML5 solutions can be used

  • as an independent game on the web site
  • game in social networks
  • as interactive banners
  • as an interactive presentation and questionnaire
  • as an unusual showcase of the online store
further integration

Our implementation of HTML5 games enables a fast integration with any back end platform.

Used technologies

We use different approaches depending on the task:

  • HTML5 Canvas API + Javascript
  • HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript
  • HTML5 + SVG + CSS3 + Javascript
Web performance optimization

Animation should work flawlessly for the positive audience response. To do this we use a number of techniques and tricks to get high performance on different browsers and platforms.

Ability to develop a Back End

Also we can offer to develop a back end part of HTML5 games. We use different approaches depending on the task:

  • PHP5 / Yii2 + AJAX
  • PHP5 / Yii2 + Laravel
  • NodeJs


  • drawing up a detailed technical task for the project and definition of development stages
  • strict control of compliance of deadlines
  • demonstration of the results at each stage of development


  • we propose making free fixes for 30 days after the deadline date of completion of the development
  • 30 days free advice on code
  • managers are always in touch (phone, email, Skype)
  • we offer the possibility of long-term support of the project